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Rara, the Lake and Mugu

Rara is the biggest lake of Nepal which lies in Mugu district of Far-western development region. Almost every Nepalese wants to visit Rara Lake once in their lifetime.  It lies at the height of 2990 meters above the sea level. It is surrounded by the beautiful and evergreen forest and it’s amazing the people by changing its colour with respect to the rays of light it receives. The snow trout fish, (the rare fish only found in Rara lake) inhibits here with other three endemic fish species (Schizothorax macrophthalmus, S. nepalensis and S. raraensis) and one endemic frog, Rara Lake frog (Nanorana rarica).

Rara Lake - Boating - The Nepal UK
Tourists boating in the Rara Lake of Mugu district. Rara lake is the biggest lake of Nepal.

To get the full photo photometric view of Rara Lake, Murma Top, is one of the best location. The top lies at the height of 4500 meters above the sea level.  But, the expected number of international tourists haven’t visited yet in comparison to the local tourist because of its remoteness. However, the good news is more no of travel agencies, hotel business and even the government itself has initiated the tourism campaign. So, this year we saw slightly rise in the international visitors too. If you want to experience the wilderness beauty of nature then Rara Lake is the perfect destination. It used to one of the favourite places of late King Mahendra who once wrote a poem describing the beauty of Rara lake sitting under the Juniper tree.

Rara Lake, beautiful gem of Karnali,, a piece of heaven fallen on Earth.
Rara Lake, beautiful gem of Karnali, a piece of heaven fallen to Earth.

How to reach Rara Lake and Mugu?

Talcha Airport at Mugu can be reached by 50 minutes flight from Nepalgunj and trekking (walking) three hours you reach to the Rara Lake. Or, Rara lake trekking can be started from Surkhet district.  You can reach to Gamgadhi (Mugu) by two days bus journey. And after walking three hours by foot, you can reach Rara lake. Direct public buses or flights are in operation from Kathmandu, Pokhara and other major cities.

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