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Mustang, the upper one

Upper Mustang is one of the destinations of both national and international visitors. After the operation of public transportation from Jomsong to Mustang, there has been an increase in a number of national tourists too. Especially this season is considered as the best season to visit Upper Mustang.

It takes one day on a public transportation or you can enjoy trekking for three days to reach there. The lifestyle of the Mustang is quite different as compared to rest of the districts. So this became one of the main reason to attract tourists and it’s rising day by day.

Upper Mustang and the houses.
Upper Mustang and the houses.

Today the King of Mustang has its own pride even the country itself is a republic one.  The local and other people respect him very much. The famous spots of this place are Naturally Gufa (nine-storeyed cave), traditional culture, lifestyle, the luring view of nature and the Korala Naka (Nepal-China Border)

How to reach Mustang?

You can book a private vehicle from Kathmandu or Pokhara that takes you direct to Mustang with no any stops. Also, a flight from Kathmandu or Pokhara to Jomsong and a jeep ride up to Jomsong can also be done. There is no any motorable bridge on one of the river you will encounter. But don’t worry, just cross the river on foot and then the next vehicle on the another side of the river will take you to Mustang. It takes 6 hours to reach there.

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