Mount Everest Trekking And The Sagarmatha National Park

mount-everest-trekking-sagarmatha-thenepal-ukMount Everest Trekking or also known as Sagarmatha National Park Trekking is one of the most travellers choice destination, especially for international tourists. This region experiences thousands of foreign tourists – some of them to submit the almighty Mt. Everest and some to trek up to the Mount Everest Base Camp. More numbers of international visitors flock this area in comparison to the local tourists. But if you see the latest demographic figures (statics) there has been a rapid increase in local tourists as well, says Aang Tashi Sherpa, a local tourism businessman.

You love the majestic Mt. Everest or probably heard the story of Everest but you don’t know how to summit. Don’t worry, there is a place named Kalapatthar from where the mighty Mt. Everest can be literally seen in front of your eyes. Kalapathhar, 5555 meters above the sea level is only the place in the whole world to view the Everest as nearer as possible for non-climbers. You can view the 360-degree panoramic view of the Himalayas range from here. But, you might be confused which the Himalayas you are viewing. So, ask you guide if you have or get a printed pictures with details explained.

Everest Trekking Nepal
Everest Trekking Nepal

How to reach the Everest Region?
A flight from Kathmandu to Lukla (Lukla Airport, has been featured as the world’s dangerous airport by National Geography) and a walk to the Sagarmatha region.

The Nepali name of Mt. Everest is Sagarmatha which means the Head of the Sky. If we disintegrate the word itself; “Sagar” means “the Sky” and “Matha” means “Forehead or head)”.

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