A Mero Hajur 2 | Nepali Musical Love Story Movie

“A Mero Hajur 2”, the Nepali musical love story movie produced under ‘A Sunil Kumar Thapa Production’ has been scheduled to release on September 1.

Producer Sunil Kumar Thapa and director Jharana Thapa shared their motion picture production experiences with the media. Thapa, recently turned director says being an actress was an easy job than being a director. She added, a director also has to carry the workload of artists.

Samragyee R L Shah from A Mero Hajur MovieThe total budget of the movie has crossed over 75 million up to date, says director Sunil Kumar himself. The movie has been shot at Tourist places like Mustang, Tilicho and surrounding which lead to extra expenses, he told. The movie has featured Samragyee R L Shah’s lead role. A new actor Salin Man Baniya has been introduced in this movie.

Movie Scene - A Mero Hajur 2The movie was shot in -4 degrees, says the director. The production has paid quite a lot to the lead actress RL Shah. Actress & director Thapa expressed her belief that the movie has become better than she thought and hoping to attract more viewers.

Natural Scene from Nepali Movie - A Mero Hajur - Kasam Hajurko SongThe production team confirms that “A Mero Hajur 2” is the sequel to the film “A Mero Hajur”. The team has plans for the worldwide release of this Nepali music love story movie.

Salin Man Baniya & Samragyee R L Shah - Kasham Ho - A Mero HajurAfter the final shot completion, the director Jharana Thapa is flying to the USA for the one-month movie promotion.


More About ‘A Mero Hajur 2’

Director: Jharana Thapa
Producer: Sunil Kumar Thapa,
Cast : Samragyee R L Shah, Salin Man Baniya (introducting) Salon Bashnet, Amber Subedi, Suman Poudel, Ajashra Dhungana, Anubhav Regmi, Buddhi Tamang, Anurag Kuwar, Wilson Bikram Rai, Asin Crystal RI Rana.
Line Producer: Bindu Thapa (Pokhara) Oliz Store (Kathmandu) Binod Gurung (Manang)
Story : Astrologer Harihar Adhikari
Screenplay / Dialogue : Samipya Timalsina / Astrologer Harihar Adhikari
Cinematographer : Sanjay Lama
Editor : Banish Shah / Milan Shrestha
Music : Basanta Sapkota / Kalyan Singh
Action : Roshan Shrestha
Choreographer : Kabiraj Gahatraj / Renesha Bantawa Rai
Production Designer : Subash Kafle
Chief AD : Basanta Adhikari
Visual Promotion : Shahil Khan
Background Score : Sailesh Shrestha
Sound Design & Film Mixing : Uttam Neupane
Color Grading : Rajendra Moktan
Costume Designer : Yubi Thapa / Riti lama / Rojina shrestha
Dubbing : Manoj Rajbhandari
Post Production : Studio Magix
Vfx : Satyam Rana
Title & Logo Animation : Vijay Bashyal
Poster Designer : Shahil Khan / Vijay Bashyal
Distributor : Gobinda Shahi (Valley) Kedar Prasad Parajuli (Out of Valley)

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