Everest Ascent Permits Granted for 328 peoples + Mountains Ascent Permits List (March 2017)

Enthusiasm in Mount Everest ascent has been increased after the 2015 April Earthquake. 328 peoples had already got their permits to ascend the almighty mountain in March.

According to the Tourism Department, in the year 2016, 34 teams and 289 men had gone for ascending the world highest mountain. But this year alone in the month of March, 34 teams with 328 climbers had got the permits.

For the Month of March only, 67 teams of 596 people will be ascending the various mountains of Himalayan nation Nepal. Last year only 98 teams of 745 climbers had got the ascending permit.

Climbers from all over the wold visit Nepal mainly in two seasons of the year. The first season starts from March to May and the second season starts from September to December.


“The climbers who had got the permits and paid the royalty are also continuing their Everest ascent. They were allowed two years to climb Everest without taking additional fee.”, says Durga Dutta Dhakal, spokesman of Tourism Department. Dhakal added, 2017 is the last year to ascend the mountains of Nepal without paying any royalties.

Mountains Ascent Permits for March 2017

Mountain Team Members
Sagarmatha 38 328
Lotshe 8 100
Dhaulagiri 3 22
Makalu 3 34
Amadablam 2 25
Annapurna 2 10
Kanchenjunga Main 2 7
Nuptse 2 19
Gaugiri 2 3
Kanchenjunga South 1 4
Manaslu 1 6
Pumori 1 5
Sarfu IV 1 3
Tengkangpoche 1 5
Yalung Kang 1 2
Malanphulan (Malanfulan) 1 2
Burke Khang 1 2
Thapa Peak 1 2

Besides Mount Everest, 8 teams of 100 climbers are ascending the Lhotse mountain. According to Department of Tourism, climbers of 2-2 teams are ascending Mt. Amadablama, Mt. Annapurna, Thapa Peak, Mt. Kangchenjunga and Mt. Nuptse and had already got their permits.

3-3 teams had got permits to ascend Mt. Dhaulagiri and Mt. Makalu whereas 1-1 team has got permits for ascending mountains like Burkjekhang (बुर्केखाङ), Malanfulan(मालानफुलान), Yalungkang(यालुङकाङ), Tenkangpoche(टेगंकांगपोचे) and Sarfu(सार्फुमा). In addition, 1-1 team had also got their ascending permits for mountains like Pumori (पुमोरी), Manaslu(मनास्लु) and Gaurigiri (गौगीरी).

For now, Government of Nepal is also doing the international media tour promoting Nepal is safe to visit after the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake. This has increased the no of foreign visitors in Nepal slowly but the curve is rising higher once again. Also, the Nepal Government is enhancing the quality over the quantity. This is because the government has initiated the year 2018 as the Visit Nepal Year. For travelers, trekkers and not to be missed for mountains and nature lovers, the Visit Nepal 2018 is going to be a great opportunity to explore the almighty mountains of the world, getting to know the culture and exploring the extreme wilderness of Natural beauty in a very minimum budget compared to rest of the years.

One personal suggestion, do pre-bookings earlier before the year 2018 starts as you never know when the hotel rooms will be filled because I just experienced a few days ago in our New Year 2074 (it might surprise somebody but we follow our own official Bikram Sambat or BS calendar instead of AD.)

All the best wishes! Everest is calling…

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