Dodhara Chandani Suspension Bridge

Dodhara Chandni is the longest suspension bridge of Nepal in the Mahakali Zone. The bridge divided into eight segments is suspended 1,452 meters over the Mahakali river in the Kanchanpur district of Far-Western Development region. The bridge constructed by the Nepalese engineers connects Dodhara and Chandni Municipality (then VDC) lying on the another side of Mahakali river.

The tourists find it as an exciting location for photography and swimming in the river Mahakali. The bridge and the region experiences a lot of Educational visits from various schools of Nepal. The another tourist destination of this district is Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve.

Dodhara Chandani Bridge Images

Famous song related to the bridge.

दोधारा झोलुंगे पुल वनबासाका गेट झुपा तम्रै मायाले ।
ऐलै मुई बाडुल्गी लागी हुनु रैछ भेट झुपा तम्रै मायाले ।।

Dodhara Jholunge Pool Vanbasa Gate Jhupa Timrai Mayale.
Aile mui badulli laagi hune raichha bheta jhupa timrai maya le.

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