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Bardia, the National Park

Bardia is the biggest National Park that lies in Terai region of Nepal. It has an area of 38 square kilometres and perfect park for Tiger watching. Some of the parts of NP lies in between Karnali, the country’s longest river and Babai river. Hence, it has become a good natural habitat for animals.

A rhino in Bardia National Park
A rhino in Bardia National Park

The 70 percent of the NP is covered by Sal tree (Shorea robusta) and it’s sub-species. The remaining 30 percentage of NP is a grassy pastureland. The NP has 54 species of Mammals, 400 species of birds, 25 species of reptiles and more than 60 species of fish.

Not only the National Park, Bardia is famous for it’s Tharu communities and their cultures. The homestay of Bhadgown and the Thakurdwara Temple near the NP are famous tourist destinations for both local and foreign visitors. The Thakurdwara temples have statues of Malla Dynasty and it’s one of the famous religious sites of Mid-Western development region. Usually, mela is organised during the Maghe Sankranti festival.

Karnali Chisapani Bridge
Karnali Chisapani Bridge

How to reach Bardia?

You can reach to Bardia by two hours bus journey from Nepalgunj. The Bardia NP is 16 kilometres far from the Ambasa, a place located on East-West Highway.

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