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100 Ethnic Dishes of Nepal (From Nepal to the World)

Nepal, though seems smaller in land area is indeed greater than large in terms of natural, cultural and ethnic diversity. This diversity has in recent days created some manageable problems or issues which a visionary political leadership can easily take on by widening their heart & stepping to resolve it.

Here, we are definitely not focusing on problems but are discussing on the asset which we did not bother to even think of rather had been enjoying foreign delicacies. Some of the staple food of specific region of our country though rich in nutrition and cost effective to prepare, we have neglected to the extent of extinction. While researching on Nepali Ethnic food we came across more than hundred varieties; still, the quest of this research has not come to the end. Here, we take the pleasure of presenting hundred ethnic dishes and their short description to celebrate 100th Issue of Food & Wine Magazine.

100 Ethnic Dishes of Nepal (From Nepal to the World)We are sure that we might have missed some of the ethnic dishes which you might feel should have included in the list. This might be merely due to our ignorance. We request our readers to share your knowledge about such dishes with us in the given email address at the end of this article so that we could include them in coming days.

  1. Aloo ko Achaar: Every household prepare this dish almost regularly, and festivals are always incomplete without this. This is a boiled potato relish served with meals.
  2. Aloo Tama Bodi: Potato and fermented Bamboo Shoot Curry when cooked with Black Eyed Beans give a peculiar and mouth watering Aroma that no one can resist. Full of flavor, this curry is taken with rice or chiura.
  3. Amilo ra Masala ko Achaar: Lime or any sour citrus fruit juice is cooked in oil with various spices and chilies to make this pickle. Can be stored for a very long time.
  4. Baji Set: Baji set includes chiura, bhatmas sandeko, chhoyela, saag, bodi, aloo tama, anda, bara, achaar etc. This can have few to many items as per the convenience and season. This full meal set is the favorite of many people all year around.
  5. Bangur ko Khutti ko Achaar: Very popular food of Dharan, it is a relish prepared from the boiled leg of a pig or wild boar.
  6. Bara: Bara is lentil pancake either made from green or black lentil. Generally topped with mince and or egg, Bara is eaten with curry of Water Buffalo.
  7. Bhakka: Bhakka is a breakfast item of Eastern Nepal. It’s a street delicacy, kind of cake in patty shape prepared from rice flour and steamed. The cake is placed on a muslin cloth above a clay pot in which water is boiled.

    Bhakka / Ethnic Dish of Nepal
    Bhakka / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  8. Bhatmas Sandeko: Black soybeans, deep fried and marinated with various spices, flavored with green chilies, ginger, and garlic, served as it is or with beaten rice.

    Bhatmas Sandeko
    Bhatmas Sandeko/ Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  9. Bhogate Sandeko: Bhogate, a type of Sweet and Sour Grapefruit is mixed with yogurt, sugar, salt, chilies and are tempered with mustard oil and fenugreek seeds to make this afternoon snack for winter afternoons when a group of families and friend sit together under the warm sun and consume this dish. Other citrus fruits can also be added to Bhogate.
  10. Bhuttan: One of the favorite snacks of Nepalese, Bhuttan is boiled and deep fried offals of Water Buffalo or Lamb/ Sheep/ Goat.
  11. Bilaura: Overnight soaked beans and sometimes pulses are boiled (make sure they are not overcooked) and then sautéed with various spices.
  12. Chaku: Chaku is a kind of candy prepared from molten molasses. Dried nuts are added for extra flavor. Whether stuffed in yomari or eaten with ghee in maghe Sankranti, chaku always pleases people’s taste buds.

    Chaku / Ethnic Dish of Nepal
    Chaku / Ethnic Dish of Nepal
  13. Chamre: Popular rice dish chamre is cooked by frying rice in ghee, water is added slowly, sweetened with sugar.

    Chamre / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Chamre / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  14. Chatamari: A popular Newari Dish made out of rice flour eaten plain or topped with minced meat and/ or egg; generally served with Buff (Water Buffalo) Gravy.
  15. Chhop: Chhop is powder of roasted dried seeds like til, silam, alas etc. Salt and powdered dried lapsi are used to make this dry relish.
  16. Chhoyela: You can get two types of Chhoyela, Haku Chhoyela in which Red Meat, generally flesh of Water Buffalo is barbecued in paddy straw and Mana Chhoyela where Red or White Meat is boiled. Both are marinated with various spices, especially paste of roasted red chilies and lots of ginger garlic. Green Garlic is also a must for this dish.

    Mana Chhoyela / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Mana Chhoyela / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  17. Chichar: Chichar is made from steaming Anadi rice- a traditional variety of sticky rice grown in plains of western Nepal. It is a delicacy generally eaten during the festivals, especially by Tharu Community.
  18. Chicken Sandeko: Boiled chicken is cut into strips and marinated with various spices, served cold.
  19. Chukauni: Tthe Popular dish of Palpa, Chukauni is a potato relish or a spicy salad dressed in yogurt and spices, tempered with chilies, fenugreek, and turmeric.
  20. Dahi Chamal: In poojas and in Asar 15th of every year, Dashi Chamal is eaten as Prasad. Raw rice and yogurt are mixed together with sour and sweet spices like clove, cinnamon and cardamom powder. You can also add dried fruits and nuts for added flavor.
  21. Dalle Khursani ko Achaar: Cherry Pepper dipped in spices and lemon juice solution, pickled, very hot, spicy and sour.
  22. Dhido: Another symbolic dish of the country, Dhido is a pudding made out of maize, buckwheat or Millet flour.
  23. Dhikri: Another popular tharu dish, long round strips of rice flour, steamed. Sometimes various shapes are given to Dhikri, generally in festivals.
  24. Fapar ko Roti: Pancakes created from Buckwheat flour are not just healthy but super tasty too.
  25. Farsi ra Masuko Tarkari: Ripe pumpkin are available everywhere and is eaten in different forms, some make cakes, some pies and some make salads out of it. But Nepalese are always famous for different styles of curries they make. Even pumpkin is made into curry here and when mixed with meat, it is out of the world good in terms of taste.
  26. Fini: Layered refined flour bread, layers separated by using ghee mixed with flour. Fini dough is rolled, layered, cut and deep fried. This crunchy delight is specially prepared in Tihar.
  27. Fulaura: Black Lentil paste, seasoned and deep fried, fulauras are a must in Shraddhas and other events as well.
  28. Furandana: Beaten rice, chips, peanuts, red chilies are deep fried, mixed with salt to make this snack. Everyone’s everytime favorite. A must dish in festivals and rituals.
  29. Gatani Dubka: Gahat Dal is soaked overnight, ground and made furaulas out of them, cooked in thick yogurt gravy with spices to make this curry. A Far Western Specialty.
  30. Ghalpula: A perfect example of rechauffe, Ghalpula is cooked from the remaining of earlier day’s bhoj. Everything from beaten rice to curries, to bara, and beans, meat, all cooked together and consumed.
  31. Ghongi: Small snails are grabbed from rivers, placed in water so sand and other articles are removed, cooked in water with spices to form a soup. A must dish of Tharu Cuisine.

    Ghongi / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Ghongi / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  32. Gundpak: Whether you go out of the valley or out of the country to meet your family and friends, the top souvenir in the list is Gundpak. A sweet dish of khuwa and gum balls, flavored with nuts and melon seeds, topped with fried gum balls got its name from same gum balls which are known as gund.

    Gundpak / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Gundpak / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  33. Gundruk ko Jhol: This sour soup or stew is symbolic to the cuisine of Nepal. Quick to cook, Gundruk is dried fermented leaves of any leafy vegetable.
  34. Gwaramari: Local Kathmanduities are very much acquainted with Gwaramari, a round deep fried fermented dough balls are favorite breakfast item of Kathmandu people.
  35. Halwa Swari: Breakfast item composed of Halwa, a wheat flour pudding, and Swari, one-sided deep fried refined flour bread.
  36. Ilamko Lollypop: Also known as Bambesan, Ilam ko Lollypop is a milk candy available in Ilam and nearby places. They are produced by small cottage industries using local manpower.
  37. Jibro Tareko: Tongue of Water Buffalo, boiled and fried.
  38. Jimbu le Jhaneko Maas ko Daal: Jimbu is found in Himalayan Region only and is very famous for tempering black lentil in Nepal. The Black Lentil, when tempered with Allium (Jimbu) along with ghee, gives a unique aroma and taste to the lentil.

    Jimbu le Jhaneko Maas ko Daal / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Jimbu le Jhaneko Maas ko Daal / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  39. Juju Dhau: Juju Dhau literally means King Curd. The curd is available everywhere but not this special curd called Juju Dhau. It has a thick creamy foam on top with such a flavor which you won’t get in any other curd anywhere in the world.

    Juju Dhau / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Juju Dhau / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  40. Jwano ko Jhol: Ajwain is fried in ghee, water is added to make a thin soup with salt. Sometimes rice paste is added to thicken. Good for winter months.
  41. Ka Kwa: Fermented Mash is cooked to make Ka Kwa, it has a different aroma and taste and is a rare dish. It’s available in household whenever the leftover mash is there in a home after making the alcoholic beverages.
  42. Kachila: A unique dish on its own, Kachila literally means Raw Meat. It’s raw mince marinated with spices. An abundant ginger paste is used and the mince is rubbed vigorously with hands so that the heat of hand and ginger breaks all the tissues and makes Kachila easy on digestion (it’s almost cooked with hands) and amazing on taste.

    Kachila / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Kachila / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  43. Kasar: This is not an everyday dish. It is mostly prepared in weddings as it is believed to create a strong bond between families. Rice flour is mixed with Sakhhar and flavored with crushed peppercorns, tightly folded with hands make very tough and hardened balls.
  44. Keema Anda:  Marinated minced meat is placed in a bowl, an egg is broken on top and steamed a delicious snack.
  45. Kera ko Bungo ko Achaar:  A relish prepared from boiled Banana Flowers, mixed with sesame powder and boiled potatoes.
  46. Khalpi: Pickled ripe golden cucumber chunks flavored with mustard oil and mustard seeds is a must in festivals, especially in Dashain.

    Khalpi / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Khalpi / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  47. Khariya: Tharu dish Khariya is traditionally served on the occasion of Maghesakranti and is prepared in a traditional clay pot called Dhikuni. Once the rice is steamed, it is wrapped in a banana leaf and then baked under glowing embers.

    Khariya / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Khariya / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  48. Khatte:  A simple roasted rice grains, eaten as a snack or with tea.

    Khatte / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Khatte / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  49. Khutti ko Suruwa: Soup of goat legs, this dish is nutritious and aids in relieving common cold.
  50. Kinema: Naturally fermented soybeans dish, very popular in Eastern Nepal. Cooked into soup or used as a paste or dip.
  51. Koiralo ko Achaar:  Very popular in Western Nepal, Koiralo is an edible flower known as Mountain Ebony in the English language. It is boiled, mixed with boiled potatoes and marinated with sesame paste to make spicy relish. Kaoiralo can also be cooked in a curry with potatoes.

    Koiralo ko Achaar / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Koiralo ko Achaar / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  52. Kwati: Kwati, the literal meaning is Hot Liquid is a soup or sometimes taken as a curry is prepared with nine different bean and pulses and is eaten everywhere in the country especially in winter months. There is a day celebrated as Kwati Punhi by Newars and Janai Purnima by Brahmins and others when this dish is a must.

    Kwati / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Kwati / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  53. Lai Kwa:  Lai Kwa is also a famous dish of Newars created from Radishes, slow cooked to the consistency of a thick soup.
  54. Lakhamari:  Deep fried and sugar dipped hard bread, Lakhamari is created from the mixture of Black Lentil and Rice Flour.
  55. Lapsi Candy:  Lapsi Candy is candied lapsi paste and sugar, very famous, another popular souvenir food from Nepal.
  56. Lapsi ko Guliyo Achaar: Lapsi is abundantly available and is prepared in various ways. In this sweet relish, lapsi is cooked in oil with lots of sugar or molasses.
  57. Local Kukhurako Jhol: Free grown in home hen are cooked to stew to make this dish, can be eaten with rice or dhido.

    Local Kukhurako Jhol / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Local Kukhurako Jhol / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  58. Mada: Layered Pancake cooked up to seven layers. This is a special diet of Far Western Nepal. A lot of skill is required to create these layers.
  59. Makai Bhatmas: Bhuteko makai bhatmas are the stapled diet of a lot of people of the country. Just add a green chilly ground with salt and you are ready. Just make sure your teeth are strong enough.
  60. Maseura: Taro Leaves and Black Lentil paste is made into small balls and dried. It can be cooked to curry with potatoes or other vegetables. The most popular version is gundruk, bhatmas, and maseura ko tarkari.
  61. Masyang ko Daal: Masyang is Himalayan pulses and is available in the Mountainous region. It is cooked as stew and is eaten with rice and curries.
  62. Mi Kwa: Fenugreek is considered as a healthy option for high blood pressure and various cold-related diseases. Fenugreek is soaked and sprouted and slow cooked to form a soup.
  63. Momocha: Small momos with Jhol achaar is what we call Momocha. Momocha is something different than regular dumplings in the case of spices used and the jhol achaar it is served with.

    Momocha / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Momocha / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  64. Moong ko Titaura: Titaura generally remind of sour strips of lapsi, but this titaura is something different. Moong Dal is soaked, ground and made into small balls and dried. Cooked with potatoes as a curry.

    Moong ko Titaura / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Moong ko Titaura / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  65. Nhyapu:  Goat brain is boiled, sliced and fried. Other animals’ brain can also be used for the same dish.
  66. Niguro ko Tarkari: Niguro (Fiddlehead Fern) is cooked with potatoes and tomatoes to make thick gravy style curry. This is also one of the popular curry items of the country.
  67. Pakku: Slow cooked mutton pieces is a Nepali version of Kebab, especially cooked in Dashain, Pakku is a delicacy consumed in almost every household.
  68. Pangra Fry: Fried Chicken Gizzard, a popular snack to have with drinks.
  69. Pani Roti: Wheat dough balls or strips are cooked in the soup of vegetables, especially pumpkin vines and field peas. It is flavored with pure ghee and is a must dish in thulo Ekadashi.
  70. Paun Kwa: Fresh or dried lapsi is cooked in water for a long time and is flavored with salt, sugar, little chilly and hing. The main purpose of this dish is to aid digestion after a heavy meal in bhoj.
  71. Poleko Golbheda ko Achaar: Tomatoes are barbecued in coal or any other fire till it juices reduces to 25%, grinded into a fine paste with salt, red chillies, ginger garlic and timur. An everyday relish of Nepalese household.
  72. Pustakari: Milk candy is what we can call pustakari. It is hardened milk candy, favorite of everyone, children to the elderly.

    Pustakari / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Pustakari / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  73. Puwa: Puwa is made from coarse rice flour, maize or semolina. Flour is soaked for a while, water is drained and fried in ghee till golden brown. Sweetened with Sugar.
  74. Rakti: Fresh Blood of Goat is fried into chunks and served.
  75. Rildok: A kind on Gnocchi, this is a popular Sherpa stew of potato dumplings.

    Rildok / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Rildok / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  76. Sano Kerau ko Achaar: Field Peas or Small peas are available dried in the market. They are oaked overnight and prepared into the relish with mustard powder, mustard oil, and ginger.
  77. Sanya Khuna: The similar process of Takhala is done but it is flavored with lots of dried fish paste and is spicy. It is taken as a relish rather than curry.
  78. Sapu Mhicha: A very unique on its own, this dish is Paun Kwa is not available everywhere as it’s tough to create. Traditional old Newari restaurants generally have them on their list. Buffalo Leaf Tripe is stuffed with bone marrow, tied with a thread, boiled and then deep fried, served with salt, roasted cumin powder, timur and red chilly powder.
  79. Sargemba: Sargemba is an important part of Limbu Cuisine. It is a blood sausage mixed with pork mince and edible wild moss, dried and boiled in ash.

    Sargemba / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Sargemba / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  80. Sekuwa: Sekuwa is available all over the country from big restaurants to small street vendors. It’s marinated spicy flavorful barbecued pieces of meat.
  81. Sel: One of the most famous dishes among every community is Sel, a rice flour donut-shaped dish consumed all year around and especially in festivals and rituals.

    Sel Roti / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Sel Roti / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  82. Shyakpa: Shyakpa is a type of stew made by Sherpas with homemade noodles and meat.
  83. Sidra ko Achaar: Small River Fish are cleaned and dried. It is then fried and blended with tomato, spices and green chilies are added to form a relish.
  84. Sinki Achaar: Radish is fermented and dried to make sinki, Sinki Achaar is prepared with dried sinki soaked and marination is done.
  85. Sisnu ko Soup: Wild Nettle Leaves are considered very nutritious, they are tough to pick, but when cooked, they are magical in healing a lot of health issues.
  86. Sukuti Sandeko: Dried Meat of Water Buffalo, marinated with various spices, taken as a relish or a snack with drinks.
  87. Swon Puka: Swon (Lungs) of Water Buffalo or Lamb is stuffed with batter, boiled to set and fried.
  88. Taas: Tawa cooked thin slices of Mutton, Taas used to be very popular in Chitwan. But nowadays you can get Taas in every nook and corner of almost all city of the country, eaten with beaten or puffed rice.
  89. Takhala: Buff Meat with lots of skin is slow cooked for hours till the gelatin from bones and skins comes out. It is then set to gelatinize, is eaten cold.
  90. Tarul ko tarkari:  Wild Yam is cooked alone or with spinach to make a delicious starchy curry. Eaten with rice, wild yam, and spinach curry is also a must dish in the list during Maghe Sankranti.
  91. Thekuwa: A biscuit kind of deep fried dough taken with tea and snack.

    Thekuwa / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Thekuwa / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  92. Thotne ko Tarkari: Thotne is very sour and is available rarely. This is cooked into sour stew or curry with potatoes.
  93. Ti Sya: Bone marrow of spinal cord of Water Buffalo is taken out very carefully, cut into pieces and deep fried.

    Ti Sya / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Ti Sya / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  94. Tilauri: Sesame seed, and cooked molasses balls; tilauri is consumed on Maghe Sankranti.
  95. Tsampa: Tsampa is Himalayan Staple food created from roasted flour, mainly buckwheat. Roasted flour or Satu is mixed with ghiu chiya and consumed as porridge.
  96. Tusa ko Tarkari: Young bamboo shoots are made into stew or curry with potatoes. Very popular in Pokhara as well as other cities of the country.
  97. Wachipa: Wachipa is a typical Kirat dish made with rice, minced chicken, and powder made out of burnt feathers of a chicken. The powder gives a unique bitter taste.
  98. Yak Blood Sausage: A very popular delicacy prepared in mountain regions of the country, yak blood sausage is eaten on its own or mixed in daal or dried buckwheat leaves to form a stew.

    Yak Blood Sausage / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Yak Blood Sausage / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  99. Yak Cheese: Chauri or Female Yak Milk Cheeses the most popular variety of cheese available in the country. Its pungent aroma, and taste makes it different than rest of other cheeses if the world.

    Yak Cheese / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Yak Cheese / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
  100. Yomari: Conical shaped rice flour steam cake stuffed with molasses or khuwa, a traditional dessert.

    Yo Mari / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal
    Yo Mari / Ethnic Dishes of Nepal

These are the 100 Ethnic Dishes of Nepal to the world prepared by HM’s Food & Wine Magazine. If you have any queries regarding this article or want to know about Nepal, feel free to ask using our contact form.

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